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There are several types of cremation chambers manufactured.Generally, they are made of high-grade steel plate and include a variety of automatic controls. The structure that houses the cremation chamber is called the crematory or crematorium.Recently concern has been raised over the potential exposure that funeral home and crematory personnel may encounter with decedents who have been treated with nuclear medicines or received brachytherapy treatment.This treatment involves the implantation of radioactive seeds.The floor, which is approximately 6 inches thick, is supported by a heavy metal plate, and the ceiling resets on the sidewalls.A layer of insulation is placed between the refractory and the outside protective housing.

Without definitive knowledge of the deceased’s medical history, the funeral director is unable to proceed with cremation.In that case the deceased will be removed and placed in a wooded or cardboard cremation container.Cremation caskets, having simple design characteristics with few metal parts, are also available.There is no such requirement in Newfoundland and Labrador.Due to nature of the cremation process, any personal possessions or valuable materials such as jewellery which are not removed prior to cremation will be destroyed or, if not destroyed, disposed of by the crematory in a non-recoverable manner.

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