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The uniforms, the risk-taking, the cheering crowds and royal salutes, that was for husbands like hers — the heroes who fight overseas — not for the wives left behind to quietly get on with the day-to-day business of raising a family.

Not that Samantha minded.‘A lot of the focus is on the men, and rightly so,’ she says. When our husbands are in Afghanistan, it is hard for us, too.

We have to be single mothers and try to keep strong for our kids.’BBC2’s The Choir: Military Wives, which finished with a tear-jerking finale this week, charted the journey of a group of shy, Devon-based military wives, including Samantha, as they grew into a pitch-perfect choir, under the tutelage of inspirational choirmaster Gareth Malone.

The 35-year-old, who runs community outreach programmes for the London Symphony Orchestra, didn’t just teach his recruits to sing.

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It is of the enduring friendships they have made, their shared sense of achievement, and of how the choir provided such a welcome distraction during the six hellish months when their husbands were away. A former pupil of Bournemouth Grammar School, he studied drama at the University of East Anglia before realising music was his first love — in particular, its power to transform lives.

‘Our attitude to the Forces has transformed over the past few years — there is lots of support, but the women were largely neglected.

For by her own admission, she is a woman whose whole life has been led behind the scenes.

Samantha is a military wife and, like thousands of others in her position, she’d long ago accepted that she was not the ‘star’ of the family.

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