The rule of seven for dating

If we graph this region in the plane, we find the following acceptable region of ages for you to date: Graph of the feasible dating region.

The black line represents your age as a function of time (increasing at a rate of one year per year).

She is approximately 15.24 years older than him, so if we plot his age as a function of time through the course of their relationship, we obtain the following: Ashton & Demi Here the black line represents Demi's age, while the red line represents Ashton's.

When they first started dating (in 2003, according to Wikipedia), by this measure Ashton was too young.

While Hef keeps getting older, the same cannot be said of his love interests: Hugh Hefner and everyone else.

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There are many ways to modify this model, of course.For an even more extreme example, we can consider the poster boy for violation of this rule: Playboy founder Hugh Hefner.It would take too long to try and trace the ages of all of his girlfriends, so I will focus only on four: his first wife, Mildred Williams, his second wife, Kimberly Conrad, former girlfriend Holly Madison, and his most recent squeeze (and runaway bride) Crystal Harris.Once nice thing about the rule is that even if you want to date someone outside of the blue region above, given enough time that person will enter the region.If you're 30 and in love with a 20 year old, all you need to do is wait four years - you will then be 34, and the object of your desire will be 24, just inside the acceptable region, since 34 ÷ 2 7 = 24.

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