Updating spamassassin rules

This question and its answers are frozen and cannot be changed. About the only resource that seems to stay current with Spam Assassin is spamtips.

Check out their Ultimate Setup Guide - the "Sought Rules" Rules is the channel I'm recommending.

I'm currently using Spam Assassin on a couple of mail servers that I look after.

Spam Assassin runs in the context of amavisd-new on those servers and with the usual bunch of plugins (Fuzzy OCR, DCC, pyzor, razor).

Instead, "sa-update" is typically used in something like the following manner: sa-update && /etc/init.d/spamassassin reload I've installed spamassassin version 3.3.1 using the script as found in /usr/local/directadmin/scripts but this changes only /etc/init.d/exim startup script. As the exim reload command only reloads exim and not spamd this doesn't work either.

I think either the exim init script should be changed or a separate spamassassin script should be used which uses the --pidfile= option of spamd so we can do a kill -HUP to that pid on reload (spamd supports this).

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sa-update --gpgkey D1C035168C1EBC08464946DA258CDB3ABDE9DC10 --channelfile /path/to/&& /usr/bin/sa-compile && /var/amavisd/maia/scripts/&& /sbin/service amavisd restart Spam Assassin Rules Emporium and make a list of the rulesets you wish to use.Hi all, This is a more or less a package-specific question, but since the only answers I can find all refer to different distro's and/or updating/editing by hand, I first wanted to check if there is an Ubuntu-way of fixing this.Sorry if this already has been discussed someplace else; I couldn't find it.NOTE: The order of these channels in the text file is important.The You can then run sa-update as follows, adding it as a daily cron job.

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