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Another political intrigue occurred during most of this period and that was the interference in the (weak) French Kingdom.Here the Burgundians fought their power game with the Armagnacs .The first 50 years was dominated by French politics, the following 50 years saw their attention moving towards the north of their territory.The consequences of their actions here led to the creation of the famous Burgundian lands. For his brave behaviour Philip, the fourth son of the French King John II – the Good (born in 1342), received his nickname ‘the bold’ in the Hundred Years’ War during the battle of Poitier, which France lost, but the 14 year old prince had shown great courage during this battle and as a reward received in 1360 the fiefdom of the duchy of Touraine (Loire Valley).As we will see it started with Philip the Bold – mas on of the King of France – who through his marriage with the only daughter of the the Count of Flanders also inherited her father’s land .Her lands were actually bigger that Burgundy itself.Voor enkel vrouwen is er altijd een man voorzien (leeftijd niet belangrijk) Er is veel mogelijk voor ons: prive, escort, , dat doe ik antwerpen buitensex word alleen in wilrijk gedaan , plassex op jou en mij , koppels vor de vrouwtjes ik ben zelf bi , klaarkomen waar jij wil, foto's en film kan ook jij filmt of trekt of eventuweel een ander meisje , trio's...

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Trio's voor mannen of vrouw, worden besproken aan de telefoon.Burgundy, which at that time covered a territory including what is now most of Switzerland, current Burgundy and the Provence became split between East and West Francia (for its earlier history see: From Salli to Merovingians 250 – 750 and Germanic, Goth and Viking Invasions).Over the last 1500 year Burgundy has gone through many stages.Its legacy after the collapse was perhaps even more significant for both the Holy Roman Empire and the Spanish-Hapsburg Empire, this started with Maria of Burgundy and reached its peak under Emperor Charles V.Dukes and Duchesses of Burgundy As Norman Davies argued in his book Vanished Kingdoms the the name Duchy of Burgundy is a bit of a misnomer.

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