Updating xml in sql

Zooming in, you can see the query expression is just some brackets containing a path through the XML and then outside of the brackets the selection of the (1-based array) first element – because I’m expecting exactly one in this case.

You can use the following chops to filter what you get back… The XQuery is like its own INSERT statement within the SQL query – in this example adding an attribute called “My Attribute” with a value of “Example Value” to the Customer node that has an Id attribute equal to “360”.

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In SQL Server 2005, XML is a genuine data type, which means that you can use XML as a column in tables and views, in T-SQL statements, or as parameters of stored procedures.He currently teaches workshops around the country through his training company Agili Train ( As database developers, many of us have had to dip our feet into the wide ocean of XML.It should come as good news that in SQL Server 2005, you can store XML in the database with a new XML datatype.The syntax for the exist method is: When you use the exist method, it evaluates the query and returns the value of 1 if the query yields any results.For example, this query finds the rows in the team table where the Team Doc field has starting pitchers: There are times when you do not want to interpret a whole query’s result just to get a scalar value: this is where the value method is helpful.

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