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who married Elizabeth Mc Gough, was the brother of Mary Ann Skelly who married Thomas Mc Gough on June 9, 1812, and of Michael Skelly, who married Elizabeth's sister, Rachel Mc Gough.

He took part in the battle of Swift Creek, and considerable scouting, skirmishing, guard and garrison duty, and he was honorably discharged at Harrisburg, Pa., Aug.

Here are 15 examples of the absolute worst dating advice for men out there.

seeking useful tips to improve your dating life, it’s quite obvious that what you are currently doing is not working.

He was engaged in farming when the late war of the Rebellion was inaugurated.

James Burke." History of Cambria County, by Henry Wilson Storey, volume 2, page 171.See: History of Cambria County, by Henry Wilson Storey, volume 1, page 209 — Loretto.Skelly of Wilmore commanded Company G, which joined Harlan's Light Calvary, which became part of the One Hundred and Eighth Pennsylvania Volunteers, or the Eleventh Cavalry.Skelly was promoted to major, October 1, 1864, to lieutenant-colonel May 25, 1865, and commanded the regiment at various times." He was mustered out of the regiment on August 13, 1865, page 187.Here is a section from Presidents, Soldiers and Statesmen (H.

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