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As a result, this can often risk the show falling into a Romantic Plot Tumor.Furthermore, except in rare cases the False Lead is unlikely to generate the same loyalty or sympathy as the main character, meaning that if your audience is Genre Savvy about what's happening they're likely to just spend the time the False Lead's around loudly wishing for him or her to just go away (and possibly die) already so the two characters they're interested in seeing together can actually get together. If the false lead is too likable, then the jealous character will seem like a selfish jerk who cares more about winning their beloved for themselves than seeing them happy — or alternatively, since 'perfect' tends to equal 'uninteresting' in the minds of many when it comes to fictional characters, a perfect and nice character will just lose the audience's interest in comparison to the more flawed and interesting main character.This is a hard character to successfully pull off, probably because they usually start out more as a plot device than a character.In many cases they exist solely to create tension and keep the lovers apart, so there's a real risk that your Romantic False Lead, rather than proving a worthy rival to the main character's romantic interests, will simply end up being a rather flat, boring character who just seems to show up and occupy space between the two romantic leads.

Most of the examples below, and all the really good ones, came from others.

6), with last year's Best New Artist winner Meghan Trainor unveiling the contestants for the marquee categories live on CBS.

The field is led by Beyoncé with 9 nominations, followed by similarly huge stars Drake, Rihanna and Kanye West (8 each).

Occasionally, the writers step in themselves to engage in Cleaning Up Romantic Loose Ends.

This is usually another trap in and of itself, as it is difficult to do so and not seem cheap, as happens with Derailing Love Interests. Compare Hopeless Suitor, Romantic Runner-Up, New Old Flame, and Wrong Guy First.

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