Kelly monaco and val dating

(Photo Credit: Craig Sjodin/ABC via Getty Images) Sadly, the trio’s steamy rhumba to Niall Horan’s “Slow Hands” wasn’t enough to save the athlete, and Owens was finally eliminated.The football player had gotten off to a rocky start this season but improved as the performances continued, eventually earning better scores from the judges.Even though she is single, Kelly Monaco isn't untouched by rumors.After being spotted frequently with co-star Billy Miller people started speculating a romance between them.Many viewers feel confident that Burton is the real Jason, with Miller playing the long-lost twin Drew, and Kelly Monaco's Sam will have some tough decisions to make soon.

A personal and professional life is something that a celebrity never wants to blend.

Kelly Monaco falls under the category of the stars who has maintained massive privacy on her love life.

But has she been into any kind of relationship both on-screen and off-screen? “General Hospital” star Kelly Monaco has managed to keep her love life private.

In fact, Monaco had joked that she would go on a date with Owens if their dance scored a trio of perfect 10’s, but unfortunately that didn’t happen.

You can see Monaco’s return to the dance floor right here!

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