Hamilton pocket watch serial number dating

After its formation, the Hamilton Watch Company went on to manufacture and market pocket watches and wristwatches, ending American manufacture in 1969.Through a series of mergers and acquisitions, the Hamilton Watch Company became a diversified conglomerate itself and was subsequently integrated into the Swatch group.

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This design allowed for a substantially slimmer automatic watch that still retained a center sweep second hand.The Model 22 had a traditional main spring, available in a traditional double box and also in a deck watch. Micro Rotor/Micro-rotor) movement into small numbers of certain upper tier watches, in addition to their ordinary hand-wind and traditional automatic watches.The Model 21 and 22 had a two-day power reserve and the movements of both were marked U. The Buren (now Hamilton/Buren) Micro-rotor was the first patented automatic wristwatch movement to eliminate the sizable external oscillating weight inherent to most automatic winding watches.The Hamilton Watch Company changed their name to HMW at the time they sold their Watch division to SSIH.A team led by John Bergey of Hamilton Watch in Lancaster, Pennsylvania developed the Pulsar, the world's first digital watch.

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