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Another company, Wexford Health Sources, had submitted the low bid that was about million cheaper than Correctional Medical Services'. Alvin Holmes, D-Montgomery, and other legislators asked Corrections Commissioner Richard Allen why the department had not selected the low bidder.

Allen said Correctional Medical Services scored slightly higher on bid reviews, which take quality of care into account. Holmes would go to the cheapest doctor in town," Allen said after the meeting.

Dec 16, 2017 Alabama Department of Corrections choice for major contract sued in Mississippi MONTGOMERY The company the Alabama Department of Corrections is negotiating a contract with to handle its health care at 28 prisons was sued this year by the Mississippi attorney general in connection with a bribery scandal.

The RFP review committee conducted an extensive examination of each companys proposal and recommended ADOC to proceed to contract negotiations with Wexford Health based on a combination of quality of care and overall cost, Corrections Commissioner Jeff Dunn said in a news release sent late Thursday afternoon.

Throughout the federal governments lengthy and detailed Epps investigation, Wexford Health cooperated fully with the FBI and the U. He said large companies that operate in multiple states are often sued.

The new health care contract will go into effect April 1.

Lawmakers also questioned that the prison staff who reviewed the bids included several former employees of CMS.

"We're rapidly moving into the baby boomers going through the prison system just like we're going through it outside the prison system." Griffith said health care for convicts is a "major, major cost factor" for the state, but he added that "we're capping it with this contract and I think it's well thought out." The committee has the power to delay the contract for 45 days but cannot stop it from being enacted."Nobody in our department has worked for this company in the last six or seven years. They've also worked for about a dozen other companies.They go back and forth between the companies and state service." Inc., the private health care provider for Arizonas Department of Corrections, improperly injected and exposed at least 24 inmates to a blood-born pathogen.Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood in February filed civil actions accusing 10 individuals and 12 out-of-state corporations of using alleged consultants as conduits to pay bribes and kickbacks to then-Mississippi Department of Corrections Commissioner Chris Epps for the awarding and retention of contracts, The Clarion-Ledger in Jackson, Miss., reported.Hood said his office was filing civil RICO lawsuits against all corporate and individual conspirators connected to the prison bribery scandal involving Epps, The Clarion-Ledger reported.

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