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Still running cold tap water through the cooling system did nothing to help.It once again shows that what works for a rules limited race engine and what can be optimal on the street for a performance engine are not the same things in all cases.

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It can be converted to traditional push rod guiding with after market steel guides but these require the use of screw in rocker studs which also require the stud bosses be milled and tapped, so you get to decide what configuration you want to spend your money on.The least expensive option, especially if you're retaining the engine's original cam is to use the OEM sliding contact self-guided rockers.So you've got some options you need to work through to see what fit your desires and budget.- Excessive cooling, if you read Smokey very carefully, you'll see he leads you to maximum power is achieved with a cold mixture being stuffed into a hot engine. In his waning days on this earth he was working on a super hot engine as an approach to way more power.He's not the first to go down this path, but for half a century it's been in view theoretically but the materials engines are built from and perhaps physics interactions we don't yet appreciate have stymied this effort.

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