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The Microsoft Next of Kin process allows for the release of Hotmail contents, including all emails and their attachments, address book, and Messenger contact list, to the next of kin of a deceased or incapacitated account holder and/or closure of the Hotmail account, following a short authentication process.

In order to prove that you are legal next of kin and that the account holder is deceased or incapacitated, we require the following documentation: 1) An official death certificate for the user, if the user is deceased. A funeral director’s statement of services performed 2) A certified document signed by a medical professional in charge of the care of the user, if the user is incapacitated.

In order to protect the privacy of the deceased person, we cannot provide login information for the account.

However, once it has been memorialized, we take measures to secure the account.

Account contents are released by way of a data DVD which is shipped to you.

Unfortunately, the Next of Kin department cannot assist you with password resets, account recovery, or any other support for your own account.

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