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lemme know, thankscalled me on my job, stated that if i took out a loan with your company, send me verifiable documents by certified mail to prove it- Until then you will not get my personal information also if i did this then they should already have it I'm sorry, I didn't mean to call you the other night- It just happend to be one of those nights- I'm a long ways from home and about to get further, and I just couldn't stop thinking about you- Goodnight,and I hope you didn't forget about me Ireceived the same calls from this number,every ten or minutes- I finally talked to the person on the other end- It was indeed a teeth whitening company- I told them I wasn't interested and to please stop calling this number- We'll see what happenswoman called my home leaving a message saying that she "wanted my husband back"- Said she missed him and their intimate acts- Number was called back and the same woman answered and said she was a year old woman from Saginaw- She said that she lent her year old stepdaughter her cell phone- Was the same voice [email protected]_DINERO, SALUD, TRABAJO, AMOR- FOR TWO YEARS OR MORE-I WANT A GIRL WHO WILL LOVE ME FOREVER- PEACE AND LOVE ON EARTHDO YOU WANT TOO GO OUT WITH ME?

BONITA Y FLAQUITA AMERICAN MY NUMBER IS - ITELCEL-COM-MX PIDO BESOS, CARICIAS, Y ABRAZOStexted on a item we have for sale n craigslist-said was sending a cashier's check - "hello am interested in your bass oat with trolling motor-# (Hot Springs)" (we texted back that we still have it if he wanted to look at it) "Okay, I'm highly interested in it and am okay with the price & is it in a good condition?

" He stammered and answered, "This, Domino Pizza- You order ready-" When I said, "I didn't order," he hung up on me mid sentence They have called me before regarding my previous subscriptions to Field and Stream and Outdoor Life- I have told them that I am no longer interested in subscribing since I am sick of being hassled to renew my year subscriptions only a month or two into them-They also take care of Gun Dog magazine, which they claimed I hadn't paid for on a year subscription, so were cutting me off- I faxed them proof of the check they cashed for subscription, and still only got year of magazines- My guess is they just called me to renew this subscription- Hell no I didn't get one year I have already paid for This number shows up on caller ID as "rapidvox-" In horribly broken English, a lady said she was calling from Direct Buy and I'd been selected to win a vacation- She asked how that sounded- I said it sounded like she was breaking the law by calling someone who is registered with the do not call registry- I told her to never call again and put me on their do not call list- She asked why and I told her I wasn't going to argue, just don't call me again- I filed a complaint at donotcall-gov The spammer called with the same automated recording- I knew it was fake- They said to press to talk to someone, or to call back a number- So I pressed , and as it turns out, it connected me with a random phone number- Like a telephone bridge- I assume when you call back the number then they hook you up with a con artist The apartment she rented was sold by the owner of the apartment and a means of refunding the deposit was made by the apartment owner- But due to the present health of his wife he has been in the united kingdom because his wife is about loosing it- Things like this should be understood and i will see to it immediately-Patience does it allcalled x today, one voicemail was left once and was cut off, said something about disability- which I have never applied for- when I call back it rings and answers and says your call is being forwarded to an agent On a daily basis, there are numerous calls from this "unknown" number, on my home phone- Not once, has a message been left- I'd appreciate it if they could stop calling my house- It's annoying to my family and IHi,i'm Wanda clonts, I got your number from www-care-com and a very close friend needs a caregiver for her Kid in your area, please kindly email her on email this the text I got from her, Sounds like a scam to me You're selected for a chance to win a gift from apple Visit app-nl-df-cc ?

p XXXXXXXX and fill in code to be validated in dutch: U bent geselecteerd voor een kans om een gift van apple te winnen Bezoek app-nl-df-cc ?

got a call from some one trying to make me rich from gold buying all in my area code making me the big cahoona yeah right any one wanting to buy gold can just go to the nearest bank and buy all the gold they care to own and dont need a middleman steppin in and greasing there palms Been getting called by possibly the same woman- She leaves a message saying there is someone who is going to file a judgement against me if I don't call them back- No company name or last name- I assume it is a scami am getting harassing, sexually explicit phone calls and text messages from this phone number , i have contacted verizon and they have put a block on this number as it is a verizon cell phone - i do not know this person- i would like to report this- karen horstmeier my phone number is I am getting several calls from this number- I answered and the caller who was a male asked for Bryan- I responded that he had the wrong number- I now get calls from this number with no response- What's the remedy?

I also get the phone call from this number- However, she called to my Enflick phone- And the people register this number named Cody Duluca- Then I google this number- Guess what?

wouldn't the IRS leave an number with an extension to call back?My mode of payment will be a certified bank check and the check will be delivered to yo within - business days- i will wait till you receive and clear the check before i make arrangement for it to be picked-up provide me your fufll name which the check will be payable-to your contact address where the check will be delivered so get back to me" It was obviously a scammer So this guy must have multiple emails, but just one number- His proposition seemed fishy to me from the beginning- My husband of course is oblivious to many types of online scams- So to prove it to him, I googled the number that was texting him reguarding our ad on Craigslist- Luckiy, I found this website and proved to him that this guy is a scammer- I'm gonna report him too These people are horrible- They are harassing our business and verbally abusive, There has to be something done to stop these people from calling over and over- We have asked politely to not call and the person on the phone told me to get used to it and that they would personally make sure to increase these obnoxious calls Telemarketing drone looking for a Willie Schumacher, that ain't me- Claimed I filled out an information request at some point but the voicemail was garbled and about all I could catch was something to do with the Forex Market- Left a completely different number for a callback but I didn't return the call-Wish 'Anonymous' or Lulz Sec would target these idiots This number has called my phone to times a day finally I answered and they tell me that I can upgrade my credit card just push to talk to a person I push it and a gentleman answered I asked how they got my number and told him I don't have a credit card he hung up and when I call back the number is out of service A woman identifying herself as Liz Andrews left a message on my voice mail intended for Lisa Palmoroy Gilbert (who ever that is) sounded like something legal, gave the number , and claim # for her to call- Ending the message with Lisa Palmoroy Gilbert you have officially been notified,well I don't know who either of those women are, but I have a voice mail message that names all in my house, there is not a Lisa anybody here- In the end Liz Andrews did not complete her job, and Lisa Palmoroy Glibert was not notified with my voice mail- I understand they are probably burried in work, but should at least make sure they are calling the right number Just got a call from , This is what happened: I answered because I thought it was an expected call and I didn't check the caller ID- The person on the other end hung up on me- I'm not having a great day so this was extra annoying to me so I actually called the number back- I couldn't understand the company name he mentioned when he answered due to his heavy accent- I asked why I had been called- He then looked up my info, knew my name and address- The next words out of his mouth were, "We are calling to get your lawyer's name and number-" I said in a big sarcastic voice, "Lawyer, oh yeah, this should be a good one (meaning scam)- Why do I need a lawyer?" I was sort of laughing at him- And then he mock laughed back at me, trying to humiliate me and said that he had decided that he wouldn't tell me why I need a lawyer- And, of course, more with the mock laughing- I said, "You sound like a really mature person and this sure sounds like a legit call," being sarcastic again, and then finished it off with, "Have a good day, scammer" and then I hung up- So badly done- They need to take lessons from the "microsoft windows" scammers- They keep talking and trying to convince you until you hang up on them- At least they present a more professional scam- Probably an IRS scam Caller is scammer thief- They call retail stores posing as tech support and trick employees into activating hundreds and thousands of dollars in greed dot cards for them- They need to be investigated and arrested for mass fraud I am getting a glut of these to my emails- I recognize the area code, Santa cruz, Salinas, Monterey etc but seeing you all are also getting them then it's easy to deduce it's a slam of text trying to phish or install malware on our cell phones- DO NOT click on the pics- They standardly arrive with no subject THESE PEOPLE ARE JOKES- THEY ACT LIKE THIS MR STANLEY GUY WILL SUE OVER A ACCT- THIS COLLECTION AGENCY USES SCARE TACTICS AND VIOLATES FDCPA ON A DAILY BASIS- THERE EMPLOYEES INCLUDE BRIAN HERDINA, MICHELLE RODRIGUEZ, BILL LOREY, SCOTT HOFFMAN, WHO ARE ALL VERY FAMILIAR WITH FDCPA BUT STILL CHOOSE TO VIOLATE THESE LAWS EVERY DAYThis number has been calling me for days- When I try to call back I never get a dialtone- Picked up once and they knew my name, but I got disconnected and they didn't call back until the next day when I was at school and couldn't pick up- Never leaves a message OK: what is going on today?I find out the number from here- orangecounty-backpage-com Female Escort , iss- Somebody can help me to report this guys girls Sounds like another debt scamming outfit- If someone has a legal matter, they're going to get lots of mail - and then a visit from a process server- What they don't get are lots of scammy phone calls referencing a bogus docket or complaint number- Feel free to block their number, or just ignore the calls Call is from a "Google Corporation" trying to confirmed your information- I am aware and acknowledging that this call is just a scam and a way to rob you from your money- Please make any means possible to investigate this problem and check how valid is this number- This can be fraud and it is against the law of the United States of America- Although I do have to admit this scam artists are really professionals at their jobs Received a call from someone at this number when I requested removal from the telemarketing phone calls from , Person who called was rude- Told me " I should be speaking with someone at , to ask for telemarketing removal instead of calling him (please remember - he called me) and wasting his time- He is just a peon who has to work for an honest living" This number is affiliated with telemarketers- Avoid them Make K per month robo- Out of area call- Press get more robo and a bunch of shills saying they went from welfare to k a day- Robe never says who they are- Automated lead generation system- No cold calling- It goes on and on-Never saying who is BOTHERING ME Leave a name and phone number- I think not Called with a claim that a form I had filled in for information regarding additional schooling was not filled in correctly- I have not requested any such information- They had my name correct, but an address that was over years old Recieved a call from a restricted number and when I answered it the woman on the other end informed me that she was calling from Yuba County (the county in which I live in) and told me I was in trouble for check fraud and I needed to pay the money or I would be arrested- After I called the number back and was called a theif and screamed at for minutes I hung up and researched the guys name, Henry Snipes- After reading these posts I see that he has done this to many people and his so called "scare tacticts" didnt scare me- I know he is a scam artist and I would appriciate never getting a phone call from him again TELEPHONE HARASSMENT They call constantly, never leave a message, and when you call back they do not speak but you hear them breathing until they click the receiver to hang up- Every month, every other day just as below thus far for January as of : ACLJ , :am ACLJ , :am ACLJ , :pm ACLJ , :pm ACLJ , :am ACLJ , :pmcalls in rapid succession at a-m- The first I let go to voicemail, the following I kept hitting "Ignore" while I scrambled to look up the odd and unfamiliar number- No message was left- I called the number back from a different phone since my search of this number turned up no results and a young asian-accented man answered, "Hello?"- I said, "I just missed a call from this number, who is this?

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