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Sex is God’s gift, and thoughtful Christians know that. Moderate sexual expression, particularly in a stable relationship, has been correlated with health benefits, including better sleep and less depression, better cardio health, and even pain relief!The focus of this article isn’t sex, and yet, at the same time, it is.Pop singer Je Beyond the temptation to have premarital sex, emotional and physical bonding of any kind has consequences.

Determined never to stray again, I embraced the idea of courtship with gusto, and shortly after began my own courtship with Michael.

When the fire of passion burns outside of the boundaries of marriage, it leaves its troublesome legacy behind.

The very fire that God intended to bring life brings destruction when not managed properly.

The globe that bathes us in warm light, growing our crops and blushing our cheeks, has been greatly subdued in the process of reaching us from 150 million kilometers away.

The blazing reality is that she emits about 5 million tons of energy per second, energy that is continuously absorbed and reemitted at lower and lower temperatures, lest the cruel queen of our solar system swallow us whole. Every erotic urge that pulses through us, body and soul—whether it be the delicate flower of puppy love or the florid blossom of sexual desire—brings life or death, depending on how successfully it is managed.

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